Christian Novel

I have recently finished updating my novel “LEAVES OF THE FIG TREE” (October 2009), and you are welcome to download your free copy by clicking below.

It presents much of what I have communicated on this site, but against a fictional background. The chances of having a novel published, I was told at a writer’s seminar, are miniscule, with something like 4,000 novels being written every year in Australia alone, of which 10 make it to market. Of the 10, 6 are by previously published authors, having at least a track record plus an agent going for them.  In Australia it is next to impossible to get an agent.  Without an agent, publishers won’t even open your manuscript! (Probably a case of not what but who you know!) Most of the lucky 10 write material that falls into a popular genre, like crime, mystery, romance, etc.  A Christian novel is not exactly an easy category to slot, making publication even harder.

So all I can say is, ‘Praise God for the internet!’. I put the finished novel here, for those interested, to download free of charge.  You’ll need Acrobat Reader.